Most Active Sister City Relations between Olympia and Inazawa

11 Mar


The Japanese City of Inazawa and the Greek Municipality of Olympia got together on the day of the Hadaka Festival held on 22 February 2013 at Inazawa, Japan. Shown in the picture above are Mayor Thimios Kotzias from Olympia; Mayor Toshiaki Ohno of the City of Inazawa; and President Aris Panayotopoulos, Olympia Tourism Organization (from left to right; source of the photo: Asahi Newspaper, Nagoya Edition, 23 Feb. 2013).  The two city have advanced extremely strong sister city activities ever since the late Professor Keiji Kokubu, who was made Honorary Citizen of Olympia in 1981, helped to establish the sister relationship back in 1987.

Please visit the site “Keiji Kokubu”  (a Wikipedia article written in Japanese, though) at .

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