Rev. Grindell Reynolds and Keio University

8 Jun


Rev. Grindell Reynolds should be the addressee “Reynolds” with whom Aurthur May Knapp, as he arrived in Japan back in 1887, used to get contact (Kiyooka 7). The following is a newspaper report in which his full name appears together with such celebrities of the contemporary American Unitarian Association as Gorge Batchelor.

“A platform meeting will be held in Unity church, on Wabasha street, opposite Summit avenue, this evening at 8 o’clock. The topic discussed will be ‘Religion in Modern Life from the Standpoint of Liberal Christianity.’ Rev. Grindall Reynolds, Rev. George Batchelor and Rev. E. A. Horton, of Boston; Rev. Charles G. Ames, of Philadelphia, and Rev. T. B. Shies, of Providence, will make addresses” (St. Paul Daily Globe, 8 Oct. 1888, page 2).

Kiyooka, Eiichi, ed. Birth of the University Section in Keio Gijuku from New Materials Found in Harvard University. Tokyo: Keio Gijuku, 1983.





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