Masaharu Anesaki: Chronology


Masaharu Anesaki: Chronology

1911 Winter: Jutaro Komura proposes a gift of the foundation for Harvard Club [consisting of Harvard Japanese graduates].
1913: Leaves Yokohama Port for the US in August.
“Courses Proposed for the Chair on Japanese Literature and Life, for the Academic Year 1913-1914”. This consists of two parts: “I. General” and “II. Special”. The second part icludes
“a. Schools of Religous and Philosophical Thougt in Japan, and their Connexions with those of India and China. Two hours a week, whole year.”
“b. The Pali Texts and their Chinese Counterparts. One hour a week, whole year. Studies of Buddhist texts from linguistic and doctinal points of view.”
“c. Introduction to Japanese Poetry, with Language Lessons. One hour a week, whole year.”

1914: Lecture at Harvard (Autumn): “Religion and Poetry in Japan”
Lecture at Harvard (Winter): “The Religious and Moral Development of the Japanese”

1915: Leaves Seattle, OR for Japan in July.


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